In addition to maintaining an accurate file for your transaction, we also help facilitate and maintain communication with the relevant parties in order to keep everyone informed. Once a contract is in effect, we promptly provide a contingency timeline sent to all agents and escrow officers involved in the transaction. As contract timelines are due, we will follow up with the agents/other TC’s to ensure that all deadlines are met and contingencies are released. All documents requiring initials and/or signatures are viewed to verify they are correctly and fully executed. We aim to make this a streamlined process for you, the Realtor, and efficient for your clients.

What We Do

  • Review and organize all paperwork for completion and accuracy
  • Send out a contract timeline to the agents and escrow officers
  • Coordinate document signing per agent’s preferences-Prep and
    send out any disclosures needed subject to property type & location
  • Introduce and facilitate communication with all parties
  • Order warranties and reports
  • Create a detailed closing checklist
  • Communicate progress and keep all parties informed
  • Manage contingencies and key dates
  • Keep track of closing progress and provide updates for all parties
  • Provide flash drives to all facilitating agents with document file at close of escrow

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